Monday, May 20, 2013

Oh my sleeping Child

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The one who coined "sleeping like a baby " never knew what it was like getting a baby to sleep. I mean, you would think , that cute little angel would play , gurgle and fall asleep on its own , right?


Severely  wrong in my case.
If I go by Tracy Hogg" the baby whisperer" , Tish darling is a cross between grumpy and spirited baby . The endeavours that you have to make to get her to sleep are nothing short of gym acrobatics.

Initially ,she wouldnt sleep till you held her in your lap. Then some dedshana picked her up in his lap and roamed around trying to get her to sleep, so she got accustomed to that .
Soon she got a paalna( a swing ?) and started sleeping within minutes of rocking her to sleep. We were relieved .

But then I had to go and undo it all by picking her up once and dancing around the room . So that's what it takes to get her to sleep now. NOTHING ELSE WORKS.
And the song in the background has to be "babli badmaash hai " or "barbadiyan meethi lage aazadiayan "( sheeesh! so much for my attempts to get her to like chopin/beethoven).

If you think thats a fun way, imagine dancing at 3 am in the night to "babli badmaash hai " or " laila tujhe loot legi " with a grumpy child in your lap who starts crying as soon as you miss a single step. Nautankiii saalaa..................
And my friend says she ferberized her kid ...
I am ready to dance the rest of my like to "laila tujhe loot legi " but leaving my child to cry it out seems way too harsh.
So dear friends, if you dont want to see me dancing to these crude songs ...please either tell me "this too shall pass" or another way to get my kid zzzzzs .

Meanwhile , badtameez dil and ghagra via-arga aren't bad to dance to .

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