Monday, June 10, 2013

On Religions...

Posted by rageofacommonner at 8:24 AM
Witness this group chat on  our office messenger :

Vinay : Congrats to Lekha for being blessed with an angel yesterday .
Shilpa : Is it a baby boy or a girl?
Vinay : hahahha ....thats a stupid question isn't it ? Aren't angels always female?
Rituraj : No dude ...christianity has male angels too..
Vinay : Says who? Neither are you one, nor did you study in a convent what's that knowledge based on?
Rituraj ; On supernatural has male angels castiel .etc
Salim : not sure but i think Islam has only male angels ...farishtey .


Per say its not really a discussion on religion, but I really enjoy such banters where people discuss religions without trying to prove theirs is the best . Also, I have realised that such discussions can happen only if A> The discussion is being held amongst mature people  B> These people know a little bit about others religions ( not those bits which are a part of fanatics' propaganda)

But such discussions are rare, if any . Even simplest of discussions escalate to heated scuffles where people try to prove their superiority. Sad.

I have never considered any religion superior or inferior . Just diffrent faiths that have some diffrent and some same points . I think this comes from the fact that my father has studied a lot about Islam and I took the onus of studying a bit about other religions on my own.

So I am going to ensure Tish studies about all religions, about their various aspects ..So that she dosen't grow up to be prejudiced . It will take time, but I am sure she will become a better individual by doing that .

What's your opinion?


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