Monday, December 30, 2013

brushy brushy baby

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Honestly , I am not very particular about dental hygiene it a bed-tea connoisseur's whim or laziness...but I brush my teeth once a day and that too since I have to .

But we don't let our mistakes and bad habits reflect on our kids; do we ?

So i started brushing Tish's teeth last week ...I was a bit skeptical since she didn't take well to bulb syringe and other fancy instruments that I have regularly pulled out to make things easier . I bought a finger toothbrush and approached her and with great deal of hesitation and inserted it in her mouth .

Huh ! she took to it immemdiately .

I guess its because her other teeth are sprouting and she wants her teeth brushed and brushed and brushed ... once i am done brushing she cries as she wants to continue doing it .

Seems this girl is not going to follow the dental laziness route like her mama

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Those cute little pearls

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And the baby has four small teeth now .....


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The problem with most of the people in society is that they are always worried about others. Which is fine , really , as long as the worry is not based on comparisons.

 I hate comparisons...I have hated them all my life and have often done the opposite of what I was supposed to only because a comparison was made. That's why I decided early that I am never going to subject my kids to it matter what .

But then...ah! the society .

After Tish recovered from a bout of dengue ...we kind of knew that she would meet her milestones on the later side.Which to me was fine since I am never bother about that milestone competition anyway ....but it irked me to no end when relatives would pop up with stupid questions like  , " Why doesn't Tish crawl yet ? My grandson has started running at 9 months ..." Well lady good for you !Please scoot out of my house and run around your said grandson.

So on her 9th month "birthday " , I was pleasantly surpised to  see Tish trying to crawl to a toy to claim it my excitement ..I placed the toy here and there just to see her try to catch it while the lady in question got irritated with her mommies behavior and decided it wasn't worth all that work anyway .

Its a funny crawl..its like  how a serpent moves , supporting her body on her stomach ..whats called "pet ke bal chalna " long as she is mobile least she would have fun .

Though the worry mongers have changed their  questions to "why does she crawl in such a strange manner ?My grandson used to ..... "

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