Friday, June 28, 2013

grab the moment

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This babycenter site is one big source of information ...and tension for new everything right with my bubba? the site says he should be sitting/crawling/walking by now ...why isn't he ? etc etc

The site said Tish should be grabbing things by now...but she didn't even show any interest in them...the only thing she wanted to bite were her own hands..I was a bit worried so I asked the doc but he laughed and said that I should stop worrying and it would come slowly by six months, and he disconnected the phone muttering something under his breath which sounded very much like "paranoid mums".

But today morning,when I placed her in her rocker I heard loud " brrrrrrrm" "brrrrrrm". I slipped into the drawing room only to find her trying to grab the toys on her rocker. They were a bit far so she was trying to scold them or probably call them;thus the sound ..when she wasn't able to,she got irritated and started shrieking. Amused, I strapped her rocker a bit high so that the toys came nearer...she was suddenly ecstasic and started munching on the toys like they were some delicacy.

In the evening when I returned from the office, a harrowed MIL recounted the events of the day. Apparently, our DD had shrieked and shrieked all day till everything was brought to her so that she could take her pick and munch the most colorful stuff....

Time to bring out the teethers.....

Monday, June 10, 2013

On Religions...

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Witness this group chat on  our office messenger :

Vinay : Congrats to Lekha for being blessed with an angel yesterday .
Shilpa : Is it a baby boy or a girl?
Vinay : hahahha ....thats a stupid question isn't it ? Aren't angels always female?
Rituraj : No dude ...christianity has male angels too..
Vinay : Says who? Neither are you one, nor did you study in a convent what's that knowledge based on?
Rituraj ; On supernatural has male angels castiel .etc
Salim : not sure but i think Islam has only male angels ...farishtey .


Per say its not really a discussion on religion, but I really enjoy such banters where people discuss religions without trying to prove theirs is the best . Also, I have realised that such discussions can happen only if A> The discussion is being held amongst mature people  B> These people know a little bit about others religions ( not those bits which are a part of fanatics' propaganda)

But such discussions are rare, if any . Even simplest of discussions escalate to heated scuffles where people try to prove their superiority. Sad.

I have never considered any religion superior or inferior . Just diffrent faiths that have some diffrent and some same points . I think this comes from the fact that my father has studied a lot about Islam and I took the onus of studying a bit about other religions on my own.

So I am going to ensure Tish studies about all religions, about their various aspects ..So that she dosen't grow up to be prejudiced . It will take time, but I am sure she will become a better individual by doing that .

What's your opinion?

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