Monday, September 16, 2013

Flute Cut -Yo!

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So it was that time again ....time to get Tish's hair cut .

Now before someone plans to get my goat... i didn't follow any customary mundan or take her to a temple for her first haircut ...she has hair like her momma that grows in all directions so I asked my MIL what should we do about it ...While the hairbands looked cute... the hair would still protrude from every nook and corner as if shouting ..look at me ! look at me !.
My MIL is a cool lady ..she said , " Apply your commonsense lady ,when hair grows, we cut it ."
What about Mundan,shagun etc..
" Aaj Eid hai ...must be a good day , ask your husband to cut her hair ..."

So that was her first haircut .

This time around though , it was difficult...The lady  is adept at throwing  her hands around and moves her head very swiftly ...the papa of the lady wanted to do the honours again since last time everyone went "aaawwww....kitna cute haircut hai kahaan se karwaya ".

So hubby started cutting her hair while i brought out my bansuri (I kid you not) and started playing to her ...she held her head straight and just looked and looked at me (and the flute ) and her haircut was a cakewalk ...
except for a few jiggy-jaggy hair which hubby could make no sense of and was too scared to cut since it seemed it was very near to the scalp.

So that's what its now ...flute cut ...seems next time I would have to bring out my veena .


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