Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dining Manners

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Having lunch or Dinner around Tish is an ordeal. She wants to dive into bowls and play tambourine with cooker and ladles. The typical Kashmiri dinner style of eating on the floor on batpalav( a long cloth) dosen't help either , considering the easy access that it provides to a toddler to all the wares.

So each day we first feed her , then put her to sleep then eat as clandestinely as possible.

Day before yesterday I decided I had had it . So I spread the batpalav, placed all the bowls and dishes, and gave her a bowl to eat from .

And boy the drama the followed.

The girl squealed with delight , started eating with hands, claws , feet , face ; all the while exclaiming "bappu " "bappu "( rice ) ...what was hilarious was the way she copied her father's style of putting a morsel in her mouth and forgetting to chew when the songs' channel was changed on tv to accomodate her favorite song .She really felt all important .

Not that this was to continue for long . Yesterday I was informed curtly by my MIL that we would again have to use stealth operation style eating  since the little lady decided to pour the bowl on her head at lunch .

Fancy that !

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