Saturday, April 20, 2013

Your Baby!!!!

Posted by rageofacommonner at 7:09 AM
Those few moments are brandished in my memory ...
I am lying on the operation table in a foetal position...chanting some kind of mantra in fear wondering how painful the dreaded injection to spine will be ...seems it's done and I am now flat on my back.
The  shadows around me are shouting to each other while I concentrate on the harsh lights above.. I can't feel any pain so the injection must have started taking effect..
My doc's shouting instructions to people around must have begun ..
It seems just a few seconds later that I see someone rushing from the corner of my eye towards  my left  with a baby ...It can't be mine ..I think ...Its just been a minute , hasn't it?
The baby is being rushed towards a table where they force a water jet through her and she cries a hoarse wail .

And I am wondering whose child is she.
Split second later , a cherub is waved over my head
"Your baby ", someone says.
I am speechless.
They are waiting for my reaction .
"Is it a boy or a girl ?" I muster.
" See for yourself" and they remove the coverlet.
"Oh ! Its a girl" I hear myself say , and then I am lost in some kind of stupor.

Throughout that stupor I am thinking ...
" Now I am a mommy ...and I have a daughter..a new best friend ...I am so fortunate...we will share everything ...we will gang up against everyone...we will develop our secret language...we will play our own games...we will....."


Nishima Avasthi said...

Good one. I also went thru same feelings...infact no words to describe the happiness...:)

Swapnil Khole said...

Guess, In India, the worst happens with the would be dads. They are not allowed to enter the OT, neither they are entertained on their questions and if baby is in NICU by any chance, they are not allowed to see her until he/she is discharged.

rageofacommonner said...

@swapnil :you know , I questioned that too ... I almost fought with the docs that I wanted my hubby around me..but there was some strict hospital policy around not allowing men in the labor room ...though i dont understand whats the point of not entertaining questions on baby

rageofacommonner said...

@Nishima : tru dat;its a moment frozen in time

Yuvika said...

u write so well - pls continue blogging!!

"Alive n Kickin" said...

always love to read your posts...but reading this one was altogether a different feeling. I still cant believe u r a mommy now :)

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