Sunday, August 4, 2013

All those chemicals

Posted by rageofacommonner at 9:50 PM
Its funny how becoming a mommy changes you as a shopper... earlier you would buy stuff thats latest,branded ..go to high end salons and purchase whatever those ladies would schlepp down your shoulder.You just didn't seem to mind. Life was all glitzy doo and you were a part of a seemingly-never-ending-soiree.
Not now.
Suddenly as a new mommy, you become aware of the dreaded word chemicals. you start searching for organic produce, look into ingredients of erstwhile innocous stuff like detergents, baby shampoos and pronounce them all scary. Then you scoot around the town to look for something which seems less vicious go frantic with sanitizing and sterilizing .Some of us double sterilize and wash clothes with antibacterial detergents followed by dettol wash and go bonkers when babies still fall sick.
What's the solution , eh?
While i know my opinion might also be wrong , but I seriously believe a little bit of dirt is far less scary than a fistful of i try to go as natural as possible...use soap nuts/mild detergents for wash..sterilize but dont go overboard...try to use cloth diapers whenever possible . This idea may not be foolproof but at least my mind is at rest.
And i always read the ingredients..that way i get scary shocked to realize even some mouth wipes may contain parbens so i use washcloths instead...Its easy, and you end up realising that best things in life are usually very cheap.


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