Monday, December 30, 2013

brushy brushy baby

Posted by rageofacommonner at 9:35 PM
Honestly , I am not very particular about dental hygiene it a bed-tea connoisseur's whim or laziness...but I brush my teeth once a day and that too since I have to .

But we don't let our mistakes and bad habits reflect on our kids; do we ?

So i started brushing Tish's teeth last week ...I was a bit skeptical since she didn't take well to bulb syringe and other fancy instruments that I have regularly pulled out to make things easier . I bought a finger toothbrush and approached her and with great deal of hesitation and inserted it in her mouth .

Huh ! she took to it immemdiately .

I guess its because her other teeth are sprouting and she wants her teeth brushed and brushed and brushed ... once i am done brushing she cries as she wants to continue doing it .

Seems this girl is not going to follow the dental laziness route like her mama


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