Friday, January 24, 2014

Take a stand

Posted by rageofacommonner at 1:28 AM
So last night we were having our dinner . Tish had already been fed her bowl of broccoli masala oats and her grandpa was trying to unsuccessfully keep her off our "batpalav" while she howled and tried to attack bowls of rice and aloo matar.

This will start making sense to you when you understand a kashmiri dinner setting . All kashmiris, the hi-fi and the not so hi-fi spread a cloth on the carpet /bed and then keep all utensils on it and eat . We abhor dining tables. So now you can see how its easy for a kid to crawl and jump into a bowl and do as she pleases .

So back to the story , the kid was trying to get hold of stuff or at least pots and pans when for a moment she stood up..all on her own ..and we were all like ...hey look , she is standing , she is standing ...for around 5 seconds and then she plopped down on her granny's back .

I didn't know such small moments could get imprinted on your brain , but apparently they do 


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