Thursday, March 13, 2014


Posted by rageofacommonner at 11:06 PM
Its strange how little we know about our babies even though we would like to think they are our allotrophes.
I like playing peek-a-boo with my daughter...I hide behind curtains and jump out exclaiming " tiiii. tiii"

Sometimes she gives a bored laugh (huh! seen this before , nextt!!!! ) or a bland face (maybe if I stare enough she would leave these histrionics ).

So today in wee hours of the morning our lady woke up ,looking for entertainment ..I signalled to my husband to pretend we are sleeping so that the lady does back to dozing .
Not her plans.

The lady crawled up to me hid behind my blanket , jumped out and exclaimed "tii tii ".

Who could pretend sleeping after that?


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