Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The shadow play

Posted by rageofacommonner at 4:11 AM
Hi All, I am Tish.

In all these years (20 months to be precise), I didn't realize mum was writing about me. And going ga-ga over silly things... I mean,come on ...one would expect her to be more mature ..you can't even say grow up to a grown up !!

Anyway, so some days back I found mum busy having tete-a-tete with some hi-fi child learning educator  who was mostly putting mum down on how mum hasn't taken time out to introduce montessorri based structured play to me . Poor mum was trying to defend herself but the other lady was quite vocal about her displeasure .

I wish I could tell her to let mum be , but I was too busy playing .

You see, I have this new game I play . I have discovered that whenever the lights are switched on, a girl my size comes to play with me .Mum says her name is shadow.She stands by my side and is a true copycat .Sometimes she becomes tall ,sometimes very short ...but is by my side always,at least till the time lights are on .

Maybe she is afraid of the dark .

So I devise new activities and watch her copy me ...its so funny that I always end up laughing ...and my silly family laughs too(I am sure they don't get the joke)..yesterday i was playing football by looking at shadow and she got a bit confused ...i guess she works well only when i concentrate on my activity .

So I would like to tell that child educator lady to stop bothering mum. I don't need instructions on how to play ,thank you very much.That's my area of expertise...


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