Tuesday, May 12, 2015

peter pan/long reach excavator

Posted by rageofacommonner at 10:52 PM
When I see the posts on how to make your reluctant reader child a book lover ...I often wonder why people don't realise what they are getting into.

So I have loved books for time immemorial and i was very keen that Tish should do the same.Anyone who loves books knows that they create a parallel life full of joy around you and you never feel  lonely if you have your books. I introduced her to books around 6 months of age and while initially she gave me a pretty bored or exasperated look, she caught the booklust soon .

But now, All I am seen as at home is someone who would read out books to her.

So when papa comes home he is greeted with a shout "PAPA" and the girl runs to him, hugs him and starts singing one of the umpteen rhymes she knows will all wrong lyrics and while papa plays with her she squeals with laughter.

But when Mumma is home , the girl walks up to her ,fingers pointed towards her bookshelf and starts "Mumma , peterpan /mota raja dubla kutta/mujhe woh wala chahiye/ ten little caterpillars/ diggers manual (which she calls long reach excavator ) padhenge .

Yeah! no welcome for mumma.

And then the book is followed by a zillion others, till the time mumma is all washed out , looking for escape in any form possible .

I wish I had instilled some artistic skill instead


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