Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ambitious , are we?

Posted by rageofacommonner at 10:20 PM
Everyone who knows me has an idea what a monstrous disaster I am when it comes to any sort of art and craft. I can't even draw a straight line . All my engineering projects involving any drawing (the civil sheet, the graphics' projections etc ) were done by others in return of favors.In spite of this, I want Tish to have at least some creative streak so I keep on struggling with ideas,latest of them being trysts with play -doh

I: Look doodle, here is what we call play-doh.Its like atta ,with which we make roti .I can make lots of stuff with it .So can you.

Tish : Mumma, roti banao

I : This I can do ..look betu is a roti

Tish : Mumma sun banao

I : (feeling more confident ) ... yeh dekho sun (though the sunrays are all of different sizes and thickness)

Tish : Mumma sun ki eyes banao ...accha ab flower banao

I : (feeling like a catwoman, elektra al rolled in one) ..yeh dekho flower . I think I must have exaggerated all my life that I am bad at crafts ..This looks so like a flower ...

Tish : Mumma ab Rhino and Hippo banao.

I :  Beta , rhino and Hippo are  difficult to make na .

Tish : Mumma , aap roti hi banao.

Yeah ! rub it in ..lets see how much you can make missy !!


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